Chroma ID Bonding Color Mask 250ml by Schwarzkopf is an innovative, versatile hair mask that offers more than just deep care. The hair treatment contains temporary color pigments that last up to 15 washes. Thanks to the Bond Enforcing Technology, the hair fibers are repaired while new ones are created. Chroma ID is available in the most popular Igora Royal shades and can therefore be used for color refreshment and enhancement. Chroma ID offers endless color opportunities without damaging the hair due to the semi-permanent formula. Chroma ID thus maintains, protects and colors in one step.

Available In

Clear – as a base for all pastel colours

Ice – for anti-yellow effects on light blonde, silver & white bases

Beige – for beige effects on light blonde bases

Copper – for copper tones

Ruby – for red tones

Granite – for anti-orange effects on dark blonde / light brown bases to create a cool tone